I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Costume, In Development

One of 3 shows I’m currently working on, set to world premiere at Theatre of NOTE this August if we can meet our funding goals. Contribute to the IndieGoGo campaign and score some awesome Beatles swag!

L.A. Care

Design Brief: This commercial, shot on location at Santa Monica Pier and Union Station in Los Angeles, had several character requirements in addition to the L.A. Care representatives. I selected the shirt color for the representatives (Which is not the same as that worn at the company) to convey not only the “Oranges” theme, but also happiness, health and vibrancy. I also incorporated the blue of the LA Care logo for our hero boy. ~KM





The Racewalker

Ramsey Carlson is a race walker out to defeat his archenemy, Gunner. However, before he can do that, he has to survive dinner with his girlfriend’s parents and visiting grandfather. (via)

Design Brief: The characters need to feel real, but with an air of absurdity. Ramsey’s race outfit is US of A red, white and blue, while his opponent, Gunner, is in Swedish yellow and blue. Gunner’s girlfriend is pretty in pink, and her little dog, too. Lily’s outfits are soft and feminine, but more individual and arty; she’s the most grounded character. ~KM