Cultural Appropriation


It’s a hot topic. Many people seem confused by it. Here’s my take:

I have developed a 3 point litmus test for cultural appropriation: Context, Consent and Equity.
Is the design shown in an appropriate context; is it not disrespectful of the original source?
Is the design something that culture has given consent to share?
Are the profits and credit shared with the originators of the design in a way that is fair and equitable to all parties?

If the answer to any of the above 3 questions is “no” it’s probably cultural appropriation.If all three questions are “yes” then it isn’t, it’s probably cultural exchange.

Way back Wednesday-


A review for Floyd Collins at La Mirada from 2014!

The above-ground action, staged with a stylized surrealism, works better: Balloons are sold, tall tales are told, and three newspaper hacks suddenly perform in tight harmony as a vaudeville act. One actor, Michael Byrne, plays multiple roles and keeps appearing in new costumes (by Kara McLeod) at a speed that defies explanation.

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Andronicus in progress

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The design concept: Titus Andronicus is a world of horrible people doing horrible things to each other, in a civilization that is barely held together. Conceptually, I wanted to pull this production out of the real world of Ancient Rome, which this play isn’t really about, and create our own world, one made of scraps and ugliness. The first step in this process was to take ordinary modern pieces- worn and discarded, cut them up and reinvent them in a Frankenstein mode, with big exposed seams, raw cuts and mixed materials. Pictured here is step one, assembling the pieces before the dye, discharge and paint process.

This is Titus, after assembly and before dye and paint20140620_170146