Cultural Appropriation


It’s a hot topic. Many people seem confused by it. Here’s my take:

I have developed a 3 point litmus test for cultural appropriation: Context, Consent and Equity.
Is the design shown in an appropriate context; is it not disrespectful of the original source?
Is the design something that culture has given consent to share?
Are the profits and credit shared with the originators of the design in a way that is fair and equitable to all parties?

If the answer to any of the above 3 questions is “no” it’s probably cultural appropriation.If all three questions are “yes” then it isn’t, it’s probably cultural exchange.

Way back Wednesday-


A review for Floyd Collins at La Mirada from 2014!

The above-ground action, staged with a stylized surrealism, works better: Balloons are sold, tall tales are told, and three newspaper hacks suddenly perform in tight harmony as a vaudeville act. One actor, Michael Byrne, plays multiple roles and keeps appearing in new costumes (by Kara McLeod) at a speed that defies explanation.

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New review!

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand has been extended, and we have a new review!

“…design elements are thoroughly first-rate, from Cricket S. Myer’s edgy urban sound design to Bosco Flanagan’s subtly mood-enhancing lighting to Kara McLeod’s character-perfect costumes to Misty Carlisle’s multitude of props that fill in the blanks in the play’s Starbucks-hospital waiting room-Manhattan apartment settings.”

Via Stage Scene LA