She Stoops to Folly

Modelled on Oliver Goldsmith’s classic novel The Vicar of Wakefield, [Tom] Murphy builds a comedy peopled with thieves, pimps, bawds, lechers and imposters who will prey on innocence unless God – or the ruling class – takes a hand. It centres around the downfall of Dr Primrose, who relates the misadventures that have caused his downfall and brought disintegration and ruin on his loved ones. (via)

Design Brief: It was important in this play to not only execute the whiteface and aging makeups cleanly and use them to express character, but to also unify the rest of the cast in the overall period picture, speak to their characters as individuals and give them the sort of luminous glow typical of 18th century portrait paining.

Makeup Design: Kara McLeod

Wig Design: Donna Moran

She Stoops to Folly SCR001

She Stoops to Folly SCR003

She Stoops to Folly SCR002